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  1. the meaning behind my url: It’s from a picture book based on a Japanese legend…or something.
  2. weakness: Dying.
  3. why I love my best friend: Bears.
  4. last time I cried and why: I’m not sure.  The Walking Dead game ending or maybe Metal Gear Solid 4’s ending.  Both for obvious reasons.
  5. piercings I have: N/A
  6. favourite band/s: Tenacious D, Gorillaz, Dethklok, but I’m not really into bands.  More like good music in general.
  7. biggest turn on: Intelligence, passion, love for games, the type of person that would sort Naruto characters into Hogwarts houses. 
  8. biggest turn off: Stupid assholes that shit all over everything, passionless wastes of life, people that don’t like Gurren Lagann.
  9. tattoos I want: None.  If I HAD to get one, maybe Hiei’s dragon arm thing or the rose star from No More Heroes.  I don’t know.
  10. age: Twenty-six.
  11. ideas of a perfect date: Playing an entire game like The Last of Us or Okami from start to finish.  Marathoning a great show or series of movies.
  12. life goal(s): Be happy, beat all the games, play Smash Brothers, make other people happy, create something better than Breaking Bad, do the impossible, see the invisible.
  13. piercings I want: None.  If I HAD to get one.  Still none.
  14. relationship status: Single.  *Cue Single Ladies by Beyonce*
  15. favourite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  16. phobia: Losing my precious save data.
  17. name: The Great and Almighty Beck, a name that will echo through all of time and space.
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